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Roltrex is your ideal partner for importing cars or motorcycles from the United States. throughout all the years of shipping various objects we have been specialized and experienced in importing cars and motorcycles.


Roltrex's specialty is transporting classic cars, special cars, collector cars and trucks. besides said cars we can also import motorcycles. we can ship from the United States into Europe. but we can also import to countries within Europe, for example from Germany to Switzerland.


shipping products other than cars or trucks is also available at Roltrex, for example car parts or provisions. It is also possible for Roltrex to consolidate specific containers which leads to much faster shipping.


when your products arrive in Rotterdam they get delivered to a warehouse ran by one of our acquaintances who will take great care of your property. It is also possible to have your possessions be delivered to a warehouse of your choice.


the actual shipping of cars, motorcycles or goods is just a fragment of the entire logistics process. Roltrex takes care of the paperwork for you too, for example the customs clearance.


It is quite general for people to import cars or motorcycles into the The Netherlands but what about exporting them back? Roltrex is at your disposal for exporting all of your goods from The Netherlands to the United States.


Just imagine a special ride through the famous Route 66 with other Harley Davidson lovers, we are happy to inform you that there is no need to imagine anymore. Roltrex can make your wildest dreams come true.


Your vehicle will be transported by our experienced staff, and your vehicle will in our care for the entire process. So there is no need to worry about anything.


Our export activities have no limits, just like our import activities. You can export anything to anywhere, together we will decide what sort of transport fits your product or destination the best.

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