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Roltrex Cargo Broker BV has years of experience in exporting and importing products worldwide, and has developed an extensive network of agents, wholesalers distributors and representatives.

Roltrex initially started off as a lease company for vehicles like cars, trucks, materials etcetera in 1981. We slowly developed into a import & export company for classic/special/collector cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Even though our main line of work is exporting & importing vehicles we can transport anything to anywhere for anyone. Whatever it is you would like to transport, we will always support and help you with said activity. We will also help you look for the most efficient and cheapest way to transport your products.


In this much demanding world it is not enough to just move something from point A to point B. That is why Roltrex has a wide variety of logistics services. For example storing, moving and managing all of the paperwork. This includes the customs clearance and the standard clearance. This leads to the customer not having to worry which is our main priority.


Roltrex can reach any country in Europe and any state in the United States because of the extensive network of agents. That is the reason we can reach anything In Europe and the United States. We make use of GPS-Tracers so we can keep an eye on everything so there is absolutely no need to worry.


After your vehicle has arrived in the warehouse, Roltrex will refund any savings. We will deliver this straight to your doorstep. We would love to inform you about all possibilities and our prices.

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